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10 Best TIG Welder’s 2019

AHP AlphaTIG 200DX

This is a precise welding machine of more thin material. It is usable on steel and aluminium material. It can deal with ¼″ and 3/8″ thickness of aluminium and steel separately. It works in 110V and 220V information power stages. There is also an HF start TIG and foot pedal which improves the activity guideline.

Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 K2535-2

This item is a tool for professionals and beginners as it is proficient in both TIG and sticks welding. The machine has a total obligation cycle with amperage of under 23.4V. The model is appropriate for pretty much every material. It accompanies a stable and robust foot pedal that makes your activity simple.


Everlast is the best tig welder recommendations as it is a lightweight machine that offers you flawlessness with a choice of 120 and 240V information. The welder isn’t fit for aluminium welding, given its light-obligation change. It utilizes IGBT innovation, which implies that it has a little transformer.

Lincoln Electric K5126-1 Square Wave TIG 200

The machine has propelled yet does not bargain Lincoln quality and simple to-utilize attributes. You can utilize TIG and stick from a single power source, making the welder a proficient double reason.

Lotos Technology TIG200

If you need a welder for business use or side interest exercises, the TIG welder will suit your needs. It is most appropriate for aluminium, mellow steel, tempered steel and other metallic materials welding due to its powerful productivity generally 80%.

Everlast PowerTIG 250EX

On the off chance that you need to weld your flimsy metal or low-thickness metals, the PowerTIG 250EX is perfect for your needs. The low amp start will create a smooth and quality weld to keep up the structure of your material. It does well on both aluminium and steel materials.

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG

This EZ TIG tungsten welder has the least complicated interface. The machine needs a little arrangement to work. The item has a fan that keeps off any residue or flotsam and jetsam. The fan likewise directs the inward temperature of the machine.

Mill operator Electric TIG Diversion 180

The Miller welder does not offer a stick welding capacity because of its designed TIG burn. The item is new in the market; however, Miller never flops in conveying quality and reliable machines. It has an on-request fan that keeps off any earth that would some way or another meddle with the inside frameworks.

Forney 324

The instrument will enable you to do your light home or marine creation with no setback. The producer promptly gives the MIG welders and stick alternatives in the bundle. The TIG welding procedure is additionally profoundly good with the welder.

Life span Tigweld 200D

The welder underpins 110V and 220V stages. It is perfect for 6013, 7018 and other stick weld cathodes. It has variable amps and posts stream settings that permit you in welding circular segment control. It has a change that causes you to alter from stick to TIG inside a flip. It has programmed flexibility on the identification of 120 or 220V.

How to Master the Art of Baking

Baking is one of the activities that is being done by nearly every homestead in the country. There is nothing satisfying as not only the tastes of a good cake but also the aroma of baking one. Baking can be a challenging experience and require a lot of expertise and experience. Having said that, to be a good baker you have to master the art of baking. Here are some of the things that you should consider in order to become one of the best bakers.

1. Eggs

The eggs are considered one of the most crucial and necessary ingredient when baking. The eggs that should be used in baking must not be cold. It is advisable for any baker to use eggs that are room temperature same as the butter. The reason as to why this is so important is that the mixtures will not blend properly when you use cold eggs. The quick and easy way to go about this is by placing the egg in hot water for at least 10 minutes.

2. Flour

The flour being the major ingredients have be measured properly. Unlike the usual way when you just scoop the flour using the cup. When you do this the flour is compacted, which basically means that you end up using more flour than it is needed. The best way to go about this is by using a spoon flour and a dry measuring cup and never forget to sweep the excess flour using a preferred knife.

3. Buttering the pan

This is clearly advisable when you want to have the best cake is to use a pastry when you are buttering the pans. When you do this you actually cover the pan better than when you use a piece of paper.

4. Cake Cooling

The most crucial bit when you have baked a cake is removing it from the pan. This is one area where most of the bakers fail to get it right. The best way to around this is by cooling the cake when it is upside down. This will not only flatten the cake out the top but also making it a very easy process.

5. Baking

There are two of the most crucial things that you should always have in mind just in case you want to master the art of baking. One is the position of the pan in the oven. The pan should be positioned at the center of the oven. This allows proper circulation of the air. Second, make sure that you rotate the pan when baking. This will end up ensuring that the baking is even. This can be done when it is towards the end of your baking. It also prevents the cake from collapsing. Another trick that you can consider is trying to swap the pans if you are using a more than one rack.

These are some of the key points that one should always consider when you want to master the art of baking. As soon as you have grasped some of these tips you will not only enjoy the process but be the expert that you so much desire. You will enjoy baking and to be honest, it’s a great way to keep your home warm which wouldn’t beat heating systems for large houses but can keep a small home warm. 


Courses in The Spirit of the Forest

In June I will take two courses in The Spirit of the Forest.

Last year I had the opportunity to attend a bread course with sourdough and the truth was that I was happy.

Not only did I learn many things, but I had a wonderful day in a beautiful place, with an ideal, natural and very quiet environment.

The teacher, Juan Carlos, is wonderful, knows a lot, is very close to all students and explains everything so that everything is very clear!

I hope you are encouraged!

Little kisses!

Honey Cookies

They saw when they want to cook something with the ingredients they have at home and that they can also eat it in 10 minutes?
Well, it happens to me almost every day. But if I cooked whenever I wanted, a ball would be made …

But today … I open the cupboard and there it is, a jar of honey … in the refrigerator: nothing, zero! And then the typical, flour, sugar and eggs … that’s it! Cookies!!!!!! Did I ever tell you that I LOVE cookies … and cakes, and cakes, and well … all sweets in general !?

Question, I started looking for a recipe for honey cookies and I found this one and, according to the photos, it was very good. And now that I tried it I confirm it: it is very good !!!!!
The only thing that I adapted a little, especially to the things I had at home … Honey Cookies (Melitas type) adapted from this recipe (cups are 240 ml.) Ingredients 160 ml. of sunflower oil 1 egg 1 cup of sugar 1/4 cup of honey 2 cups of normal wheat flour (000) 1 and 1/4 of teaspoons of baking soda pinch of salt sugar to crack the cookies Preparation Preheat the oven at 180 ° C, moderate.

Beat the oil, honey (if it is a very thick honey, you can heat it in the microwave for a few seconds), sugar and egg.

Add the sifted flour with baking soda and salt, all at once and combine all the ingredients well. I made it with a wooden spoon and it was great.

Although the dough seems very soft, they can grab it by hand and make balls without any problem. Then they are filled with sugar and placed on a plate with baking paper.

Leave room for each other so they don’t stick. They can also sprinkle more sugar before putting them in the oven. They leave about 8/10 minutes and go! That easy. And in about 5 more minutes you can be savoring them … they are really delicious! You’ll see!!!

From my time at the casting “Leave room for dessert”

A few weeks ago, a friend called me to tell me that there was a casting for a reality TV show for bakers and confectioners, that she wanted to participate. My first spontaneous response was “not crazy !!!”, but my friend, who is very convincing, did not take much time or work to change my mind.

The next day the maelstrom began: the nerves, sending everything they asked for, the machining in my head everything that could happen … that yes, always convinced that I should not get my hopes up. But one, which is human, unconsciously creates them …

Question that three weeks later, and after having sent photos of my work, my personal life in writing in response to a questionnaire and a video (most bland by the way, the camera is not my thing), they called me to tell me I had entered the final casting. Imagine, expectations are growing even if one does not want to … 3000 out of 500 is already something (one says to oneself).

Finally on Monday we presented ourselves at 9 in the morning in Plaza de España where we had been summoned and, supposedly, to start the casting: error! There they planned to kill us for almost two hours to record the presentation of the program … and why should we all go there? I say, the shortlisted 500 and their relatives To make bulk !! Logical. There began to change the way I see things.

I began to think that we were too many “shortlisted” to be only 18 … there will be no people chosen yet? But well, while dancing, you dance … and there we were all the participants three streets up, with our bags with the cakes and desserts that we had to present to a jury that would decide if you were a finalist.

As they had said to bring something to represent us, I decided to prepare Argentine alfajores and a fondant cake for which I modeled Peter Rabbit, rabbit from a story my mother told me.

I can’t tell you what my bags weighed … besides, the Madrid garbage from the strikes added to the “helicopter” camera filled almost all of the world’s preparations with “dust” (or whatever it was that flew through the air).

Two queue streets at the door of the hotel. And for what? For the cameras, to present the show and to applaud a jury (which we did not even know) when getting out of their cars … there already begins to disappear all kinds of illusion … these people did not need pastry experts, needed extras !!!! But for free, of course …

They called a few lucky ones who were on a pre-selected list, and the others to wait, well, to keep waiting.

And after 5 hours of having presented ourselves in the square, of 5 hours sucking cold and carrying our creations, they told everyone in Madrid to go home, to return the next day. As if living in Madrid you had no commitments, you did not ask for permission at work, you did not leave your children in the care of someone, etc.

Nooooooooooo, the indignation did not enter me, I got out of the beautiful when I arrived home and there I realized that the illusion that I had put in all that and what could happen had overcome me. Tell me no, okay, but don’t even see my work? After a week of working non-stop at desserts, wasting time with my real life and my real work … the one that feeds me? Well … I couldn’t with my nerves.

But the desserts were already made, the time spent and the money spent. I did not sleep all night and although the illusion was disappearing, there I returned. No, if it is true that human beings are the only animals that stumble two (and more) times with the same stone. You know Mass, but the illusion does not take away from you or common sense.

When I arrived at least there were not so many people, of course, those who did put common sense before the illusion did not return. Of about 10 pages of names they were calling I was on the last page, and by the time they named me I thought they wouldn’t. But they did it and there comes back that feeling that “there are possibilities” and all that …

They passed us to a room with about 150 people, I arrived at 9 in the morning and they saw me at 15 and something … the wait became eternal: nerves, heat, smell of confinement (and other things o_O) .. .but there we stand firm.

One of my friends was in the program since the previous day: Georgi, with a touch of sugar. She was called one of the first and was left with a resounding yes from the whole jury. He brought a fondant cake and although the judges did not like fondant, he went directly to compete among the 34 semifinalists. A GENIA!

But of course, Georgi, and without taking credit for her work at all (I have shared a thousand times photos of her cakes on my page and now she has a physical and online store that has lifted her lungs alone), she has an impressive self-confidence, she is always in a good mood and with a smile from ear to ear … and that does not have any. And I discussed it from the beginning with her, which is not something I say because of evil, much less. What better to choose someone I love, with whom I work and who always has good words for me?

Many were rejected for being “very professional” what ??? !!! “Excuse me, but you have my CV in your hands since you called me for the first time, you know what I studied, what I do and have seen photos of my creations … what did you want me to bring to the casting?” That is what many people answered … but they had already been rejected, there was no going back.

To others for bringing fondant cakes … “I have only sent photos of fondant cakes, they select me, they quote me to the casting and then they reject me because I have brought exactly what I told them I was doing ???”

Others were not even tested their creations. “We already have a lot of people and we are looking for a specific profile that is not you.” “Well, having said it before and I didn’t show up at 9 am or wait 5 hours for him to tell me.”

That yes, they filmed everything, they were filled with hours and hours of video to have with which to fill minutes and minutes of program …. logical.

All that was happening in front of me while I kept wishing they would give me a yes. Yes, I still had hopes for what I had prepared.

One of the people who gave me a lot of peace and helped me cope with the hours was Luis, from My European Cakes. A great guy who I follow in his blog and who, thanks to the casting, I could know a little more. I was also very encouraged by Mariana, Bern, Valentina and the very Georgina who was there keeping us company.

And when they called me, they let me into the living room with Luis, and oh surprise! I got the yes !! I would go to see the true jury !!! I could’nt believe it. I was happy, happy, I had already taken another step … And why not say it, I felt proud of what I had done. They told me that the alfajores had a perfect flavor balance, and that the cake was the cleanest in fondant they had seen so far … and I already told you that I was one of the last to enter, right? It was among the last 60 people approximately !!!!

I got a ham sandwich and a can of CocaCola and for the terrace … and keep waiting !! What a horror, another 7 hours !!! Four of them on the terrace shivering with cold and another 3 in the cafeteria … I was no longer so excited, because of the 15 that were on the terrace were rejecting several, and worse, accepting a few! !! The quotas were being completed !!! LOL

And the total “plof” was when they informed me that I would go back to Luis. I realized that they would play the “only one can enter” game. I told Luis and he encouraged me but I had already lost hope, I was totally discouraged, with pain of everything, sleep, hunger, nerves were widespread, I kept thinking about all kinds of ideas in my head, of why could it be a yes, why a no … anyway. Acute generalized discomfort !!! Accompanied by a mask that will see on TV shortly, what a shame !!! o_O

Until the grand jury’s call came … and it was as I thought, all very nice but … no. They said they compared Luis’s dessert (an opera cake) with mine (chocolate alfajores) and the Argentine pastry shop that has “something” and the French one that has “everything” and they chose him. I begged for a moment to the jury to accept me, I lost all my dignity and the answer did not change at all. A shame

Luckily I did not burst into tears as I thought I would. Enterita and without shedding a tear, I went out, spoke to the camera, wished (and I wish) the best to Luis, and said I was disappointed and sad that I was not … obvious!

My opinion about all this is that I knew what I was doing and what I was exposed to. I think it could have been shorter and without so many laps, this is TV: hard and cruel, nobody cares how it feels when someone breaks into tears, if not they highlight it because we like the “carnaza”. As I said and I still maintain I think it was all “cooked”, that in general they already had the chosen ones and that they needed a little more for the great “show”. And if you were on the list it didn’t matter the taste or the look of what you were wearing.

There are those who criticize, and rightly so, that the months in which the program is recorded (exactly two) will not pay a single euro to the contestants, who will only give them accommodation, food and pastry training. They will only let them go out to see their families on holidays (it will be recorded in December and January). There are some who cannot go through that because they have obligations. I knew it and was willing to face it.

What are scoundrels? Surely. And here “textual” the words of Daniel from “The Cookie Monster” from his entry about the casting and which he titled “Leave room for dessert or How to be a slave in the 21st century”

“What are we talking about here? Because I think it is the first thing we would have to answer. Is it an NGO that wants to teach people in need to cook to make a living? Or is it a television program that will have publicity? , sponsorships, collaborating brands of a private television channel with the intention of having an audience and earning money? I think it’s the second thing. Or am I wrong? ”

I agree. I was willing to leave almost everything to be there and did not hit.

It is the TV. You idiot us, for something you are called “the silly box”. I am sad for not having stayed. With anger at the people who were in my same situation and received some of those responses from the first filter. And with a new experience, which although a bit stressful, was different and the one that the learning brought me: I will not go through this again.

It seems a phrase made but it is true that I spent some time with great people I already knew and I have met others with whom I shared all the nerves and anxiety of these two days and with whom I hope to keep in touch.

I take that.

I hope that Georgina and Luis pass and continue until the end and that one of them is the winner !!!

Let’s see how they edit all the material they have about me, that I am making many gestures! Panic gives me !!! hahaha Don’t laugh too much when you see me, okay? Well, if I finally go out after this report … I think so.

Now to continue with real life, to continue making cakes, giving courses and enjoying “my moments with me” in the kitchen. That, even if nobody sees it, is what really makes me happy.

More opinions: blog digital freedom and blog the cookie monster .



Swiss Meringue and Buttercream (Buttercream)

Hi there! Today I have proposed to upload, whatever happens, the recipe I have promised you, the original buttercream based on meringue. And that I still have to finish for a meal that I have a Devil’s Cake (which will be my next entry), deliver 80 cupcakes, and of course … prepare to leave!

The buttercream, originally, is prepared with Italian meringue. But it is quite complicated to do. For what Swiss meringue is usually used, another meringue with a very similar consistency and super simple. For this recipe we will need: 3 egg whites, 150 gr. approximately, which can replace them with pasteurized egg whites 300 gr. of sugar 300 gr. of cold butter The first thing we will do will be the meringue (you can take this recipe for the meringue only and use it as a cover for some cake, for example). To work meringues we have to take into account two things: carefully separate the whites from the yolks and dry the containers and utensils to be used very well.

We put a saucepan with water on the fire. Inside the blender bowl place the egg whites and sugar. We take the bowl to a water bath and stir with a whisk until the sugar dissolves. There will be a thick white liquid that, to the touch, will not have any sugar granite. Do not pass the cooking whites. That is, when they no longer notice the sugar, they can remove the egg whites from the water bath. If we left them they would continue to take a temperature and could clot.

Our pan with boiling water

Egg whites in the bowl super clean and dry

We add the sugar and take them to a water bath while still beating

The sugar starts to melt

The sugar has completely melted, we can start beating
Place the bowl in the blender and begin to beat the egg whites at medium high speed until the meringue takes shape and when the beater is lifted, firm peaks form.

Our meringue smooth, bright and firm, ready to use or continue to Butter Cream.
We begin to add the diced butter little by little. Allowing each piece to fall apart and mix well. The consistency will change, at first you will see that the meringue becomes more “liquid” and then it takes shape again and will be very firm. At that point, we just have to check that there are no bits of butter left anywhere.

And ready! This buttercream can be flavored with essences, give colors, add bitter cocoa and make it chocolate … they have many options. I simply dyed it in three different colors and decorated cupcakes. As you can see, it has a very good consistency to make the rosette that we all know.

I hope you try it and you know that if you have doubts you can write to me at Also remember that I will soon be in Bilbao giving courses in Manga Pastelera. Any questions can also write to me. A big kiss. Vicky

Red Fruit and White Chocolate Bundt Cake (My first Bundt Cake !!)

What joy, what happiness, what emotion !! Ah yes, sorry: Hello!

I can’t with myself … I am requesting content !! And it’s been a long time since I had saved this Bundt Cake mold and wanted to use it.

It’s Nordicware, but it must be old age (I don’t know why they gave it to me) and I’m happy to have it re-released: it “works” perfectly. I say very old because mine is black, and now they are silver …

But old or new I was afraid to use it. And yes … they have become ultra fashionable lately. How could I not be scared? What if I don’t get it? What if it doesn’t fit that beautiful shape? And if the half is unmold and the other is glued to the mold? What if…? what if…? What about siiiiiiiiii ???

I thought that everything bad that could happen to me would happen to me. But after a year of having my mold hidden (so as not to see it every so often and it will remind me of how coward I am … sorry, what it was!) I made a brave and intelligent decision: investigate ^ ^

And I didn’t have to go far. The same Nordicware page has given me all the advice I needed, and that I will be telling you throughout this post, to get a perfect Bundt Cake. But it is a normal cake !! … only in a special mold, of course.

I only transformed one of my recipes from “Plum” to “Bundt” Cake (in quantities especially since the Bundt mold is huge!).

I have to confess that while I write this even my cake is still in the oven … that is, being a scary chicken I assumed that it will work out well … hehehe. It’s just that the girls in Nordicware’s videos have inspired me a lot of confidence 🙂

Now if … I just unmold the Bundt, and it has been geniaaalll !!! ¡Bieeeennn !!!

Let’s go to the ingredients:

225 gr. of butter at room temperature
200 gr. of sugar
4 eggs
2 yolks
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
320 gr. of pastry flour
1/2 teaspoons Royal yeast
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
175 gr. white chocolate
125 gr. of cream
200 gr. of frozen red fruits
125 ml. Buttermilk


* If they do not have soft butter because they forgot to take it out of the refrigerator on time or because at “room temperature” means -4º C … here are some options to speed up the process:

You can cut it into pieces and crush it against the bowl with a clenched fist (try to do it before adding the sugar or it can be quite painful … I say it from experience o_O).
Or you can place it in the microwave for about 5/10 seconds in the “defrost” option to prevent it from melting: we don’t want melted butter, so if you do this pay close attention and do it carefully.
* If they need to prepare the buttermilk because they haven’t got it at the supermarket, they can do it with 125 ml. of whole milk and 1 teaspoon of vinegar or lemon.

Now if … let’s go to the preparation:

Preheat the oven to 170º C (it is important that the oven has that temperature when introducing the Bundt).

Melt the chocolate, heat the cream and mix the two ingredients. Reserve.

Beat the butter with the sugar until you get a soft whitish cream.

For this recipe, and since I did not prepare it at home, I have used my old Moulinex blender again, which is much easier to transport. I had forgotten how well it works … my little girl, with how forgotten I had it and it behaved great, it has whipped a thousand wonders! hehehe

Add the yolks and eggs one by one, mixing well each time. Add the vanilla essence and mix.

Those who are using a mixer like mine, will have to go to the spatula at this point. Those who are working with the KitchenAid can continue to use it by changing the rod beater for the shovel.

Sift the flour with the yeast and the baking soda and add them intercalated with the buttermilk in two or three times. Mix until homogeneous.

Add the white chocolate mixture and mix well.

And finally add frozen red fruits and mix very well and quickly.

Pour the mixture into a greased Bundt mold. And here is another Nordicware tip: the ideal is to use a brush to spread the entire surface. They can use a vegetable spray, butter or margarine. In this way they will make sure to reach all the recesses of the mold and will facilitate the work at the time of unmolding the cake.

If they use butter or margarine then they should sprinkle the mold with flour.

I use a vegetable spray of Crefino brand and it goes very well for all my molds.

Ideally, let the preparation fall into a single place in the mold and settle on its own, that way it will fill all the holes in the shape of the Bundt. Then finish pairing it with a spatula and finally gently tap the base of the mold on the table (put a rag underneath to make sure you don’t break anything!). In this way we eliminate any air bubble that could have remained in the bottom of the mold and that would later be seen when unmolding the cake.

They take it to the oven for about 40 minutes (in my oven exactly 40 minutes, heat up and down without air). It is important not to open the oven until the cooking time is over so that the cake grows evenly.

It is also very important to wait 10 minutes before unmolding it on a rack. And Nordicware emphasizes that it is 10 minutes, neither one more nor one less. Because if they try to unmold it before, the cake may be very hot and break, and if they leave it for more than that time, the cake may stick to the mold. So you know: 10 minutes! I put on a watch and went to watch TV, to think about something else ^ ^

After unmolding it, let it cool completely before cutting it. It’s been sooooo nice … I almost got excited, hehehehe

And I have not put anything on top … but you can sprinkle it with icing sugar 🙂

It is rich, fluffy, delicious, moist, exquisite, spectacular … what else can I tell you to try it? Slimline? hehehe That instead of a Bundt Cake it would be a miracle !!!

I am so happy that I am already thinking about my next taste of Bundt, what do you think? Thanks Nordicware !! I don’t know what would have happened to me without his advice.

A big kiss!

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