Hi there! Today I have proposed to upload, whatever happens, the recipe I have promised you, the original buttercream based on meringue. And that I still have to finish for a meal that I have a Devil’s Cake (which will be my next entry), deliver 80 cupcakes, and of course … prepare to leave!

The buttercream, originally, is prepared with Italian meringue. But it is quite complicated to do. For what Swiss meringue is usually used, another meringue with a very similar consistency and super simple. For this recipe we will need: 3 egg whites, 150 gr. approximately, which can replace them with pasteurized egg whites 300 gr. of sugar 300 gr. of cold butter The first thing we will do will be the meringue (you can take this recipe for the meringue only and use it as a cover for some cake, for example). To work meringues we have to take into account two things: carefully separate the whites from the yolks and dry the containers and utensils to be used very well.

We put a saucepan with water on the fire. Inside the blender bowl place the egg whites and sugar. We take the bowl to a water bath and stir with a whisk until the sugar dissolves. There will be a thick white liquid that, to the touch, will not have any sugar granite. Do not pass the cooking whites. That is, when they no longer notice the sugar, they can remove the egg whites from the water bath. If we left them they would continue to take a temperature and could clot.

Our pan with boiling water

Egg whites in the bowl super clean and dry

We add the sugar and take them to a water bath while still beating

The sugar starts to melt

The sugar has completely melted, we can start beating
Place the bowl in the blender and begin to beat the egg whites at medium high speed until the meringue takes shape and when the beater is lifted, firm peaks form.

Our meringue smooth, bright and firm, ready to use or continue to Butter Cream.
We begin to add the diced butter little by little. Allowing each piece to fall apart and mix well. The consistency will change, at first you will see that the meringue becomes more “liquid” and then it takes shape again and will be very firm. At that point, we just have to check that there are no bits of butter left anywhere.

And ready! This buttercream can be flavored with essences, give colors, add bitter cocoa and make it chocolate … they have many options. I simply dyed it in three different colors and decorated cupcakes. As you can see, it has a very good consistency to make the rosette that we all know.

I hope you try it and you know that if you have doubts you can write to me at vickycakeamor@gmail.com Also remember that I will soon be in Bilbao giving courses in Manga Pastelera. Any questions can also write to me. A big kiss. Vicky

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