AHP AlphaTIG 200DX

This is a precise welding machine of more thin material. It is usable on steel and aluminium material. It can deal with ¼″ and 3/8″ thickness of aluminium and steel separately. It works in 110V and 220V information power stages. There is also an HF start TIG and foot pedal which improves the activity guideline.

Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 K2535-2

This item is a tool for professionals and beginners as it is proficient in both TIG and sticks welding. The machine has a total obligation cycle with amperage of under 23.4V. The model is appropriate for pretty much every material. It accompanies a stable and robust foot pedal that makes your activity simple.


Everlast is the best tig welder recommendations as it is a lightweight machine that offers you flawlessness with a choice of 120 and 240V information. The welder isn’t fit for aluminium welding, given its light-obligation change. It utilizes IGBT innovation, which implies that it has a little transformer.

Lincoln Electric K5126-1 Square Wave TIG 200

The machine has propelled yet does not bargain Lincoln quality and simple to-utilize attributes. You can utilize TIG and stick from a single power source, making the welder a proficient double reason.

Lotos Technology TIG200

If you need a welder for business use or side interest exercises, the TIG welder will suit your needs. It is most appropriate for aluminium, mellow steel, tempered steel and other metallic materials welding due to its powerful productivity generally 80%.

Everlast PowerTIG 250EX

On the off chance that you need to weld your flimsy metal or low-thickness metals, the PowerTIG 250EX is perfect for your needs. The low amp start will create a smooth and quality weld to keep up the structure of your material. It does well on both aluminium and steel materials.

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG

This EZ TIG tungsten welder has the least complicated interface. The machine needs a little arrangement to work. The item has a fan that keeps off any residue or flotsam and jetsam. The fan likewise directs the inward temperature of the machine.

Mill operator Electric TIG Diversion 180

The Miller welder does not offer a stick welding capacity because of its designed TIG burn. The item is new in the market; however, Miller never flops in conveying quality and reliable machines. It has an on-request fan that keeps off any earth that would some way or another meddle with the inside frameworks.

Forney 324

The instrument will enable you to do your light home or marine creation with no setback. The producer promptly gives the MIG welders and stick alternatives in the bundle. The TIG welding procedure is additionally profoundly good with the welder.

Life span Tigweld 200D

The welder underpins 110V and 220V stages. It is perfect for 6013, 7018 and other stick weld cathodes. It has variable amps and posts stream settings that permit you in welding circular segment control. It has a change that causes you to alter from stick to TIG inside a flip. It has programmed flexibility on the identification of 120 or 220V.

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